Change in tariffs for electricity transmission services

01/12 News

As of today, the tariff has been changed to UAH 312.76, in accordance with the resolution of the NCRECP

From December 1, 2020, the resolution on changing the tariff for electric energy transmission services No. 1998 dated November 4, 2020 will enter into force. The tariff was increased from UAH 240.23 to UAH 312.76

This decision will force enterprises to review the cost of their products in an upward direction.
“For the market, this is a forced redistribution of money through cross-subsidization and PSO. In this way, the company and every citizen is forced to use these payments to compensate for the costs of the sufficiently high “green tariff” that operates in Ukraine” – Denys Kulagyn, commercial director of the Energum company.

For the final consumer, this will result in an increase in the financial burden due to the increase in electricity costs – the suppliers’ pricing formulas provide for an increase in the tariff when the cost of transmission increases.

11/11 News
“Energum” company to the International Day of Energy Saving – “Save energy. Save Ukraine”

Saving electricity today is a necessity. When Russia uses energy blackmail, destroying the energy sector of Ukraine, seizing nuclear power plants, the whole world should understand the importance of energy conservation.

14/10 News
Energum congratulates defenders of Ukraine on the day

"Energum" company congratulates our defenders on a professional holiday. Today you stand in defense of our state with an indestructible shield. Unbreakable, unconquered and strong in spirit, may your guardian angel protect you.