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05/11 News

The non-monopoly electricity market will be formed in the future by about 100 companies – CEO of LLC “Energum”

Now is the time when new companies can be formed, and there are still opportunities to explain to the consumer that it makes no sense to stick to some old stories, but there is a real opportunity to save. Those companies that survive in two or four years will be able to compete with monopolies. And a non-monopoly consolidated competitive market is being formed, in which up to 100 companies will operate, from which the consumer will choose the most suitable one for himself”, – said Oleksandr Varavka, CEO of LLC “Energum”, which trades in electricity and gas, in an exclusive interview.

05/11 News

GarPok auctions on UEEX may be of interest to electricity suppliers

SE “Garantovanyi Pokupets” (“GarPok”) view on trading bilateral agreements of Ukraine Energy Exchange makes this vector active and market price formation stable, according to Taras Tur, Head of Procurement and Analytics Department for Electricity and Gas Trading, LLC “Energum”.

05/11 News

Number of participants in GarPok auctions for the sale of green electricity on UEB can be changed – forecast

The number of participants in auctions for the sale of green electricity by the SE “Garantovanyi Pokupets” under bilateral contracts for the Ukrainian Energy Exchange may grow up as considered in Energum LLC, which is engaged in gas and energy trading, Energoreforma reports.