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11/11 News

“Energum” company to the International Day of Energy Saving – “Save energy. Save Ukraine”

Saving electricity today is a necessity. When Russia uses energy blackmail, destroying the energy sector of Ukraine, seizing nuclear power plants, the whole world should understand the importance of energy conservation.

14/10 News

Energum congratulates defenders of Ukraine on the day

"Energum" company congratulates our defenders on a professional holiday. Today you stand in defense of our state with an indestructible shield. Unbreakable, unconquered and strong in spirit, may your guardian angel protect you.

27/09 News

How to calculate consumed gas volume correctly: in kilowatt-hours or cubic meters?

As early as last year, the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the Law of Ukraine "On Amendments to Certain Laws of Ukraine Regarding the Introduction of Accounting and Settlements for the Volume of Gas in Energy Units on the Natural Gas Market."

26/09 News

Information on prices and tariffs for electricity

In accordance with Part 6 of Art. 72 of the Law of Ukraine "On the Electric Energy Market", the supply of electric energy to consumers, as well as the provision of services related to the supply of electric energy, are carried out at free prices, except for the cases established by this Law. Taking into account the above, the exact price of electric energy, the method and conditions of payment for the consumed electric energy, is formed depending on the volume of purchase, payment conditions and is established by the parties in the Agreement for a specific consumer under the conditions of a selected or individual commercial offer.

20/09 News

“Energum” company is a participant of the annual International practical conference Food and NonFoodMaster-2022: “RESTART IN COLLABORATION OF RETAILERS AND SUPPLIERS IN WAR AND POST-WAR TIMES”

Energum exchanged positive experience of cooperation with other suppliers and retailers and learned fresh market analytics of food and non-food products, trends in categories.

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22/12 News

Happy energy day!

Dear colleagues! We congratulate you on the professional holiday - Energy Day!

15/12 News

Opening of the regional office in Mykolaiv

The Energum company is expanding its geographical presence - an office has opened in Mykolaiv. Our office works in the center of Mykolaiv at the address of st. Shevchenko, 33. From Monday to Friday, the company's experts will individually select the optimal electricity supply packages for your business!

01/12 News

Change in tariffs for electricity transmission services

As of today, the tariff has been changed to UAH 312.76, in accordance with the resolution of the NCRECP From December 1, 2020, the resolution on changing the tariff for electric energy transmission services No. 1998 dated November 4, 2020 will enter into force. The tariff was increased from UAH 240.23 to UAH 312.76

11/11 News

Opening of two offices in regional centers: Lviv and Kherson

"ENERGUM" LLC is expanding its network of representative offices in the cities of Ukraine. 02.11.2020 opened a western office in Lviv, located in the business center "Hermes" on the street Vodoginna, 2. And on November 5, 2020, an office was opened in Kherson at the address of Blvd. Myrnyi, 3.

12/08 News

Opening of regional offices

"Energum" company became even closer to its clients and opened new offices in four regions of Ukraine.

13/07 News

ENERGUM made the first deliveries of natural gas

Starting from July, the ENERGUM company signed the first natural gas supply contracts with its current customers.

17/04 News

ENERGUM started working on the market of bilateral contracts.

ENERGUM, as an independent energy supplier, works not only to expand its presence in regions and areas of activity, but also to optimize prices for its Customers. For this, a decision was made to enter the market of bilateral contracts.