Since March 16, the energy system of Ukraine works as a single and synchronized with Europe

08/04 News

Until February 24, 2022, two independent energy systems were operating in Ukraine – the United Energy System of Ukraine (UES) and the Burshtyn Energy Island (BuOS). The UES operated in synchronous mode with the power system of Russia and Belarus. BuOS worked in synchronous mode with the energy system of Europe and had no connection with the energy system of Ukraine (UES).

On February 24, a planned transition to isolated mode was supposed to take place for 3 days to synchronize the UES and BuOS, which would allow to use the potential of the entire energy system of Europe and the post-Soviet regime (energy systems of Russia and Belarus) in the future.

From February 24 to March 16, 2022, the energy system of Ukraine was disconnected from the post-Soviet and European systems and was in an isolated mode of operation. So far, the system has shown maximum efficiency of operation with a stable frequency of 50 Hz despite military operations, destruction of infrastructure and blockades of Chornobyl and Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plants.

Since March 16, the energy system of Ukraine works as a single and synchronized with Europe (ENTSO‐E)
Despite populism and the realization that we are finally a recognized part of Europe, connecting to ENTSO‐E has a number of advantages for Ukraine:

1. Profit
Ukraine’s energy sector has a surplus compared to Europe. We can effectively use our surplus generation to generate income from electricity exports.

2. Stability
Europe’s energy system is modern, has clear and transparent contractual conditions, which will allow Ukraine to receive help in the period of deficit (yes, this sometimes happens and you need to have a “plan B”)

3. Price
Combining the systems will allow you to receive the most favorable price offers, which will smooth out the price difference between peak and off-peak times.

4. Improvement and environmental friendliness
The European Union has a 20-year program for the decarbonization of energy and the reduction of negative impacts on the environment. To achieve the goal, both a direct method is used – reducing the use of coal, oil, etc., and an indirect method – improving generation systems, reducing current losses during transmission, improving filters, etc.

5. Predictability
Access to new technology and financing will improve price and consumption predictability, which will reduce losses from imbalances and improve resource utilization.

So, even in the darkest times there are enlightenments.

The ENERGUM company believes in the victory of Ukraine and is at the forefront of our country’s energy independence. We work to ensure that every enterprise receives stable electricity and natural gas at market prices.

11/11 News
“Energum” company to the International Day of Energy Saving – “Save energy. Save Ukraine”

Saving electricity today is a necessity. When Russia uses energy blackmail, destroying the energy sector of Ukraine, seizing nuclear power plants, the whole world should understand the importance of energy conservation.

14/10 News
Energum congratulates defenders of Ukraine on the day

"Energum" company congratulates our defenders on a professional holiday. Today you stand in defense of our state with an indestructible shield. Unbreakable, unconquered and strong in spirit, may your guardian angel protect you.