Number of participants in GarPok auctions for the sale of green electricity on UEB can be changed – forecast

05/11 News

“The result of the first auction turned out to be encouraging – 99% of the exhibited volumes of nine different enterprises were sold at the weighted average base load price of 1340.63 UAH/MWh. The minimum contract price did generally decrease to 1270.13 UAH/MWh. From the traders’ point of view, this gives a high potential for resale of the resource, even in the absence of the possibility of entering the DAM/IDM under the terms of the contract”, – the first auction “GarPok” commented on Energoreform in the analytical department of the company.

For comparison, the company noted that the weighted average DAM (“day-ahead market”) in September amounted to 1483.37 UAH/MWh.

They also noted that the sale, which took place with a small starting number of lots and different delivery periods, gives the opportunity to buy electricity to “ordinary” suppliers.

At the same time, according to analysts, some market participants, including Energum, decided to take the role of observers at the first auction, but given the above advantages of auctions, it is likely that in the future may actively participate in them.

“In the general perspective of stable operation and transparency of relations in the market, such a relationship between its participants and state-owned enterprises, of course, is necessary”, – summed up in the company.

According to the GarPok website, about 30 companies took part in the auction.

According to Energoreforma, SE “Garantovanyi Pokupets” sold almost the entire offered volume of electricity from renewable sources – 32.75 thousand MWh – at the first auction under bilateral agreements at the Ukrainian Energy Exchange.

According to the stock exchange bulletin posted on the UEEX website based on the results of the auction on Monday, the sale price of the resource ranged from 1338.49 UAH/MWh to 1397.96 UAH/MWh.

Buyers of “green” electricity were LLC “Ukr Gas Resource”, PrJSC “Poltava GOK”, LLC “Energo Zbut Trans”, LLC “Eru Trading”, LLC “Ernering”, LLC LTK “Electrum”, LLC “ONK-Group”, LLC “Ecotechnoinvest”, NEC “Ukrenergo”.

According to the draft agreement placed in the stock exchange bulletin, the buyer undertakes to buy e / e for own consumption or direct sale to the final consumer in the amount of not less than 90% of the value purchased at the auction.

05/11 News
The non-monopoly electricity market will be formed in the future by about 100 companies – CEO of LLC “Energum”

Now is the time when new companies can be formed, and there are still opportunities to explain to the consumer that it makes no sense to stick to some old stories, but there is a real opportunity to save. Those companies that survive in two or four years will be able to compete with monopolies. And a non-monopoly consolidated competitive market is being formed, in which up to 100 companies will operate, from which the consumer will choose the most suitable one for himself”, – said Oleksandr Varavka, CEO of LLC “Energum”, which trades in electricity and gas, in an exclusive interview.

05/11 News
GarPok auctions on UEEX may be of interest to electricity suppliers

SE “Garantovanyi Pokupets” (“GarPok”) view on trading bilateral agreements of Ukraine Energy Exchange makes this vector active and market price formation stable, according to Taras Tur, Head of Procurement and Analytics Department for Electricity and Gas Trading, LLC “Energum”.