Energum congratulates the workers of the oil, gas and oil refining industry of Ukraine on the Day

12/09 News

The “Energum” company congratulates all workers of the oil, gas and oil refining industry of Ukraine with a professional holiday.

We wish you good health, strength, optimism and new professional achievements.

This is a holiday of people who devoted themselves to the difficult but important work of building the energy system of Ukraine. Every day you ensure an uninterrupted supply of heat and gas in the home. The dedicated work of engineers, scientists, and workers is developing the oil and gas industry step by step, ensuring the stability and development of the state in these areas.

Today, we continue to fight for the energy independence of Ukraine together!

11/11 News
“Energum” company to the International Day of Energy Saving – “Save energy. Save Ukraine”

Saving electricity today is a necessity. When Russia uses energy blackmail, destroying the energy sector of Ukraine, seizing nuclear power plants, the whole world should understand the importance of energy conservation.

14/10 News
Energum congratulates defenders of Ukraine on the day

"Energum" company congratulates our defenders on a professional holiday. Today you stand in defense of our state with an indestructible shield. Unbreakable, unconquered and strong in spirit, may your guardian angel protect you.